Restore & Reform at Results

Guys can benefit from Pilates and yoga just like the ladies and many of them workout with their wives!

I'm a nurse and a mother.  I'm super busy and have little time for myself.  Before joining Results my workouts were always intense, but never lost the weight and my back ached all the time.  Results' classes will teach you the correct body mechanics and how to improve/maintain your healthy habits to get results. -Steph

Being busy with a family and my family's needs, 15+ years went by with zero time reserved for me.  I love the atmosphere and I'm setting a good example for my kid. -Holly

I'm in my 70's.  I have so much more endurance, people think I'm 10+ years younger, and my chiropractor says, "Keep going!"- Linda

I have 2 bulging discs, after a 30 min tower session, I left pain free.  I was able to go home, do all the laundry, run up and down stairs and feel so good.  Molly knows exactly what to do.  Call her soon to see how she can help you! - Dinah

I have decided that Molly is like a private investigator.  She keeps finding hidden muscles that my body has forgotten about.  Ouch, but I mean that in the best way!!!- Tammy

Molly has a heart of gold and you can tell she loves her job.  If you haven't ever worked with Molly at her studio, whether it be mat, reformer, or a tower workout...your body will love you.- Jill

A year ago, Cathy and I embarked on a new exercise journey.  We decided to start training in yoga & Pilates.  It has changed my life.  I can run pain free, sleep pain free, walk pain free, and I am physically stronger that I have ever been in my adult life.  A bonus is now my beautiful daughter-in-law joins us.  Thank you Molly for changing my life and Cathy & Kristen for joining me in this journey. - Sharma

**You might think how can so many different ages and levels of fitness benefit or feel challenged with Pilates and yoga?  That's a very good question and the answer is because we are focusing on the alignment and creating muscle balances.  Once you are correctly positioned you rely on the muscles designed to support the body, which in most cases are the deeper, intrinsic muscles of the spine and core.   If the deep, stabilizing muscles don't support the body correctly, one will experience pain and poor performance, no matter the fitness level.

The reformer is excellent at teaching muscles to balance out and position the body correctly without placing stress on the joints.  Eventually the goal is to execute the exercises on the mat with little props.  I highly recommend trying a reformer session!