Pilates is different from yoga in several subtle and not so subtle ways.  One not so subtle example are the reformers.  Some people may think they look like torture devices, but believe me, the reformer is an excellent teacher and will get your body to move effortlessly, which is the whole goal of Pilates.  Pilates wants every movement to be with ease.  No grunting, no movements that compress the spine or cause the belly to "pooch" out, neck to jut out, or shoulders to round forward. 

Pilates wants to teach ALL the muscles of the body to engage and support the body, not segment the body, which is why trainers, chiropractors, therapists, and doctors are encouraging more of their clients to seek qualified Pilates instructors.  If your muscles are integrated and supporting all the bone structures of the body, you will MOVE WELL and decrease the risks of injuries, surgeries, and other hassles like pain or numbness!  Solo, Duo, or Trio Reformer Sessions are available by appointment.  Don't forget to check out the testimonies to read how others have benefited.

Welcome!  My name is Molly Thompson.  Owner of Results Studio, LLC.  I have been instructing Pilates & yoga for 15 years and other group fitness classes for 23 years.  I have my BA from Purdue University in Exercise & Health Promotion, where I received Outstanding Academic Achievement and Instructor of the Year.

I hold certifications from the Pilates Method Alliance, PHI Pilates, Yoga-Fit, Turbo Kick, and receive continuous training in nutrition, brain development, and movement from the Family Hope Center in Pennsylvania for parents and professionals working with individuals with brain injuries.

I have taught professional athletes, to postpartum moms, to those recovering from knee, hip, and back surgeries.  I also have taught for Dr. Cline in West Lafayette at his Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic. All sizes and ages can benefit, which is why I love teaching it!

Reformers/Towers are Amazing!

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